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NEW RELEASE: April 22nd, 2008
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Split 7" (Limited Edtion)


The single features a new exclusive song from each acclaimed band: Isle of Wight's Mercury prize-nominated The Bees (also known as "A Band of Bees" in America) and California's esteemed quartet The Mother Hips. The 7"offers two brand new tracks, "Papa Echo" by The Bees and "Childish Dreams" by The Mother Hips.

The release marks the first studio recordings since 2007's Octopus by The Bees and Kiss The Crystal Flake by The Mother Hips. The record is a must have for afficionados who truly appreciate the psychedelic-70's-power-pop movement.

"Papa Echo" from The Bees swirls their well-known psychedelia with blazing Latin-jazz and salsa rhythms. Side AA's "Childish Dreams" from The Mother Hips brings a fresh punch to the bands' repertoire, "melding heady Revolver-era vocals with Zombies-esque pop."

The record is enveloped in an antique green sleeve screen-printed in NYC with original hand-drawn lettering by Hugh Surratt, the resident poster artist at Michigan State University from 1970-1975, drawing posters for Miles Davis, The Byrds, Frank Zappa, and The Grateful Dead, among others.
The Mother Hips
Kiss The Crystal Flake
CD / CD+Bonus DVD / Vinyl LP

CAM-006 / CAM-007 / CAM-008

Their most diverse album to date, this critically-acclaimed album is the follow up to the Red Tandy EP, and the first full album for The Hips since 2001's Green Hills of the Earth.

Featuring 12 new songs, Kiss The Crystal Flake reintroduces the world to The Hips', blending a natural psychedelia with their own 21st century musicianship and songwriting. It is produced by The Mother Hips with Badman Recording Co. founder Dylan Magierek (Mark Kozelek, Call and Response, Erlend Oye.)

Entirely recorded to analog tape during a five month period in 2006, this record has been heralded by critics -- including 4 star review in MOJO, and HARP (R.I.P) describing the LP as "beautifully intense pop of the highest order. The Hips’ fascination with pure sonic tomfoolery and enduring song structure make them a worthy successor to Badfinger, Television and others who illuminate rock's fundamental pleasures. ”

The Hips really stretched it out on this LP, bringing their rock harder, more dangerous, and weirder while flexing their most refined songwriting sensibilities to date . Of course, the record also stays true to the bands' signature dueling-guitar driven California "station-wagon" rock, soaring harmonies, and guitar crunch.

LIMITED EDITION BONUS DVD VERSION: The bonus 50-minute DVD provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the recording process while also shedding light on the individual personatlities of band members and producer Dylan Magierek. Included in the DVD are interviews, videos of six full songs being recorded in the studio and montages of the band working thru song arrangements. Also caught on tape are band injuries and comedic tabloidal portrayals uncovering secrets of each band member.

Ben Kweller
140 gram vinyl LP


BK's S/T 2006 release pressed on vinyl !

Spin Magazine calls it a "Mini classic" and gives it 4/5 stars. Rolling Stone Magazine raves "The twenty-five-year-old touches on Sixties pop and Seventies AM fare on songs that sound both well-crafted and unfussy...a sweet little batch of songs." Produced by Gil Norton (Foo Fighters, Pixies), the new album hearkens back to a time when Petty and Springsteen gave their roots rock a glossy makeover and became even bigger stars than they already were.

On this, his third album, Kweller plays every single instrument, and layers acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, pianos, glockenspiels, tambourines, xylophones, organs, drums, claps, harmonicas and even triangles atop shimmering vocal harmonies to create an indelibly melodic, sweetly nostalgic work that displays the depth of this ever-evolving singer-songwriter's craft.


The Court & Spark
140 gram vinyl LP


Limited edition issue on 140 gram vinyl LP (includes a bonus track not on the CD version)

Lost At Sea Magazine says it best: "Put on your headphones and Hearts becomes an album of immense depth and musical sublimity to far surpass most recent comers to the Southern / Country / Western / Space rock arena. The album is also oddly reminiscent of a shoegazer album, in that the higher you crank the volume, the more the sound opens up to the listener. There are instruments buried so far back in the mix throughout that you’ll miss them if you aren’t paying attention."


Listen To My Shapes
CD / 180 gram vinyl LP

Mesh Magazine states: "This is the debut album by one of the finest Bay Area bands to emerge in the last year. Comrprised of Greg Loiacono & Paul Hoaglin (from Mother Hips) and Todd Roper (former Cake drummer), the band plays inspirational guitar rock in the vein of Muswell Hillbilly era Kinks, Thunderclap Newman, the Byrds and sometimes Simon & Garfunkel."

The album was recorded on a 1" 8-track tape machine and re-mastered for vinyl in Europe straight from the analog tapes. The vinyl is pressed on 180 gram audiophile virgin vinyl. The insert-sleeve features printed lyrics and performance details for every track.

Visit listentomyshapes.com.

The Mother Hips
Red Tandy CD-EP/
7" vinyl
CAM-001 / CAM-002

The Mother Hips return from hiatus to release their first studio recordings in more than four years.

SF Weekly states: "This new EP/7" presents a near-perfect rendering of the Hips' formula: Americana/country-twang, psychedelic power-pop, and classic rock. The Mother Hips throw a crafty curveball, deftly weaving the substance of seemingly disparate influences into some sophisticated, but not arty, songwriting. The title track begins with a thundering arena-rock riff, transitioning to an idyllic, U.K. "Summer of Love"-glazed melody (recalling the Small Faces, the Hollies, etc.), and complete with sumptuous Beatles/ELO-style harmonies soaring over Neil Young's Crazy Horse-esque crunch."

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